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Revealing the way to a safer future

Independent and privately owned. We’re dedicated to seeing the world differently through applied infrared technology.


Our persistent and successful R&D lets us produce some of the world’s most advanced cooled infrared detectors to give you the power to innovate in new infrared systems, through higher sensitivity, more compact detectors, less power consumption and reduced weight.

Protecting the environment

Our team consists of world-renowned experts, and we believe that by expanding what the world can see, we can make it a safer place by revealing hazards, pollution and other threats.

Our People

We’re proud to be home to some of the most insightful and advanced scientists and engineers in the world. Our team is gender balanced at all levels and proud to be equitable throughout the company.

IRnova’s people are dedicated to discovering and developing new and innovative solutions and technologies that will change the way we see the world. The brightest minds thriving together can help to reveal a hidden world, and that’s exactly what our people do.

What we do

We are dedicated to the advancement and power of infrared technology and using it to make the invisible visible. When you partner with IRnova, you will always have access to the latest infrared technologies. This will let you to create the most reliable and cost-effective products for your customers, and help them create a safer world for their clients too.


Our industry-unique, top-grade 1,500 m2 clean room sits in the heart of Kista, Stockholm’s high-tech hub, surrounded by an ecosystem of cutting-edge research laboratories, startup incubators and world-leading university departments dedicated to engineering and material science.

Below our offices, our cleanroom houses machinery and redundancy backups that go beyond state-of-the-art to generate a veritable smorgasbord of tools to manufacture and characterize our semiconductors.


We have access to some of the most advanced machines for manufacturing FPAs, including steppers and 2 automated wafer tracks for lithography, a batch sputtering and an e-gun evaporator for metallization, ICP & RIE etching, PECVD deposition and a multitude of other tools for manufacturing and metrology.


We’ve crafted our ISO 9001 certified development and production processes over a long period ensuring you get high-quality, predictable and punctual delivery, high yields and efficiency. Our processes are thorough because we care about consistently delivering the future for our customers.


R&D into cooled infrared detectors first started back in 1986 in Sweden and IRnova was spun off from a governmental research institute in 2007. The following year, after careful consideration, we made an early investment in T2SL. It was a bold move that has paid off and transformed our business and our industry forever. We’ve invested significantly in everything we needed to make T2SL a success: state-of-the-art machinery and people with the right skills and mindset. That’s what made us what we are today—the industry leader.

After 35 years of development—including two decades in T2SL—IRnova is the undisputed leading supplier of T2SL and QWIP infrared technology in Europe. As we stand at the forefront of innovation, we’re proud of our pioneering spirit and dedication to bringing superior technology to the world. That helps us pave the way to a safer future. For all of us.

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We are always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals with exceptional talent. Do you want to share your passion for infrared? Would you like to join some of the finest minds and contribute to our unique vision for infrared?

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