General purpose

Reveal the unseen

Get to the heart of what matters with our general purpose detectors. Featured in many electro-optical systems, they help you see  the unseen with state-of-the-art thermal imaging.

We lead the way with detectors for border surveillance, thermal weapon sights and missile guidance systems, search and rescue airborne gimbals,  thermographic cameras, infrared goggles and many more defense, security and industry applications.

Turn night into day

Your demanding applications. Our unique technology. It’s the perfect match. Discover more about IRnova’s pioneering T2SL (Type 2 superlattice) and small pitch QWIP infrared detectors that bring the cutting edge of technology to you.


640x512 LWIR cooled infrared detector using small pitch QWIP technology


640x512 MWIR cooled infrared detector usingT2SL technology