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Your detector

You understand what you require better than anybody. Work with IRnova together to create the perfect detector for your business or application. Whatever your size or range, and whether you need our pioneering T2SL or world-beating QWIP technology, let’s create the ideal detector for you.

Your detector
Your detector


With our state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities, we can manufacture, hybridize and integrate virtually any kind of detector for any purpose. We can supply a custom filter with an existing detector, but also much more: different cooler types, dewars, ROICs… The properties of III-V technology means we can even tune the detector material itself to your requirements. Contact us for more information!


Customized gas detection

Custom military, security or surveillance

Specialized industrial applications

Space applications

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Any technology

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Down to 10 μm

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Any technology

Your detector


Building something new? Our evaluation kits have everything you need to try our detectors and design your camera system. They’re modular and include a power supply, frame-grabbing electronics, image acquisition software and optics.

Plug in and get going in minutes!

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