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Technological innovation will always be a cornerstone of our business. We’re constantly investing in our systems, infrastructure and people to maximize the value we deliver to clients.

Because being a leader in infrared technology is a key competitive advantage for us, every member of our staff is charged with seeking out new opportunities and pushing advancements to our detectors.

Introducing T2SL

The T2SL is the future of infrared technology

Meet T2SL: our infrared breakthrough technology. T2SL (Type 2 superlattice) runs hotter than previous technologies, and is more uniform and stable over time.

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Our latest developments in T2SL feature:

Greater pixel sensitivity

Higher stability

More advanced scalability

Higher working temperature

Smaller pixel pitch

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Introducing QWIP

Field-proven and fast to market

IRnova’s QWIP infrared photodetectors are like no others you can find. Field-proven and fast to market, our QWIPs make IR imaging smoother and easier than ever before. QWIP is both innovative and powerful, helping you to see beyond many different challenges in the field of IR detection.

QWIP has numerous practical applications, including:

Earth satellite imagery

Land surveillance and sighting

Industrial monitoring

Ground-to-air detection and tracking

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Introducing polarimetric technology

IRnova’s polarimetric QWIP infrared imaging sensor, the IRnova Garm LW Pol, has the perfect combination of thermal imaging capability and sensitivity to polarization of infrared light. This advanced technology allows for greater detection of objects with a lower thermal signature — letting you see further.

Efficient oil spill detection

Camouflage denial

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection

Face recognition

Industrial applications (thermography, NDT…)

And much more

Introducing Dual-Color technology

The power of two detectors in one. Forget about costly double-capacitor solutions and discover smart technology you can rely on. Our patented pixel-level filtering and clever dual-color technology can be paired with pattern recognition algorithms to discriminate and detect image properties when you need it most. From gas detection to missile warning systems, rely on dual-color technology to get the job done.

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