Oden MW SL

Oden MW SL

Introducing the Oden MW SL, a game-changing SWaP detector that sets a new standard in performance versus size. With its split linear cooler and HOT T2SL MWIR technology, Oden MW SL outshines the competition, offering a tantalizing combination of compactness, silence and longevity. Upgrade to Oden MW SL today and experience infrared technology at its finest.

Oden MW SL
Oden MW SL


The Oden MW SL is a split linear cooler version of the Oden MW. It features the same groundbreaking HOT T2SL MWIR T2SL performance as the rotary cooler version, but its shorter length along the optical axis makes it the detector of choice for UAV gimbals and other applications where space is constrained. The inherent reliability of the split linear cooler leads to a long lifetime, and the dual opposed compressor enables whisper quiet operation with minimal vibrations, greatly reducing detectability during stealth missions.


Space constrained systems (UAV gimbals, compact multisensor systems)

Handheld and battery powered systems (goggles, portable cameras)

Mobile and stationary platforms

General information


General purpose





Pixel pitch:

15 µm

Typical detector

Spectral range:

3.7-5.1 μm

F number options:

F4, F/5.5


20 mK

Pixel operability:

> 99.5 %

Frame rate:

60/120 Hz

Depending on proxy version

Proximity electronics

Supply voltage:

5 V

Maximum frame rate:

Selectable frame rate supported

Electrical interfaces:

Camera Link

Cooler control and proximity electronics included

IDDCA Parameters

Cooler options:


Power consumption:

4 W

Cool down time:

3.5 min

Cooler voltage:

7.2-16 V

Weight and dimensions:

310 g 340 g including cooler controller board

77x69x54 mm Custom frame designs available upon request

Cooler MTTF:

>30 000 h

Environmental conditions:



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Oden MW SL


Building something new? Our evaluation kits have everything you need to try our detectors and design your camera system. They’re modular and include a power supply, frame-grabbing electronics, image acquisition software and optics.

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