Releasing the Oden MW SL for high-performing compact systems

Today IRnova announces a brand new split linear cooler version of the Oden MW, our cutting-edge SWaP detector.

Its compact format makes it a perfect choice for UAV gimbals, goggles and other systems where space is constrained and the optical path length needs to be as small as possible. Powered by the same market leading HOT MWIR T2SL technology as its rotary version sibling, it boasts performance like no other SWaP detector on the market. Thanks to its full MWIR response (up to 5.1 µm), excellent performance even with slow apertures (F/5.5) are guaranteed even for difficult scenarios, making it the ideal SWaP solution without performance compromises.

The benefits of using a split linear cooler are manifold: first, it is compact in terms of optical path length. Second, it has a longer lifetime which allows for longer service intervals and lower overall cost of operation. Third, it is quieter during operation and has a low vibration signature profile, which decreases detection range to the order of ten meters. Best of all, its shape is highly configurable, so if you have specific requirements on your system then our engineering team in Kista, Sweden, can make a custom version to fit your needs.

Available for order now, we proudly present it at our booth at SPIE DCS in National Harbour this coming week, April 21-25. If you visit the show, you are very welcome to experience its crisp, stable and flicker-free image in real life. For more info, please visit the Oden MW SL product page or contact us.