Freja 430

Freja 430

Optimized for carbon dioxide (CO2) detection, the Freja 430 is lightweight, and the clear choice for handheld cameras and on-the-go applications that need the accuracy, stability and sensitivity provided by T2SL technology.

Freja 430
Freja 430


The new Freja 430 detector takes advantage of IRnova’s T2SL technology breakthrough and a wide F/1.2 optical aperture to provide best-in-class gas detection capability for carbon dioxide having its absorption peak near 4.3μm.


Optical gas imaging for any gas with absorption in 4.3 µm range

Optimized for carbon dioxide (CO2) detection

Handheld and battery powered cameras

Mobile and stationary platforms

General information


Gas & pollution detection





Pixel pitch:

30 μm

Typical detector

Spectral range:

4.2 - 4.4 μm

F number options:

F/1.2, F/2


10 mK

Pixel operability:

99.9 %

Frame rate:

60 Hz

Selectable frame rate up to 60 Hz supported

Proximity electronics

Supply voltage:

12 V

Maximum frame rate:

60 Hz

Selectable frame rate supported

Electrical interfaces:

Camera Link

Cooler control and proximity electronics included

IDDCA Parameters

Cooler options:

FS R405K

RM3 or K508 options available

Power consumption:

6 W / 11 W

Steady state / Cooldown

Cool down time:

4 min

Cooler voltage:

12 V

24 V cooler options available

Weight and dimensions:

550 g

71x57x142 mm

Cooler MTTF:

10 000 h

Environmental conditions:



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Freja 430


Building something new? Our evaluation kits have everything you need to try our detectors and design your camera system. They’re modular and include a power supply, frame-grabbing electronics, image acquisition software and optics.

Plug in and get going in minutes!

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