Oden MW

T2SL Oden MW

The T2SL Revolution

Introducing the T2SL Oden MW, our groundbreaking HOT detector loaded with SWaP technology. Oden serves next-generation compact electro-optical systems. The complete detector.


Oden MW is highly sensitive with a full MWIR wavelength response. It boasts all the advantages of T2SL, including low Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD), excellent quantum efficiency and array uniformity and operability. Discover a detector with no MWIR cut-off and no compromises.

Oden MW
Steady state Power
3.5 W
230 g


It took decades of T2SL innovation to produce the performance of a giant detector in a package this small. Rely on T2SL Oden MW when nothing else but an unrivaled small, light-weight and low power (SWaP) infrared detector will serve your purpose. Full performance up to 150 K.

It’s here! T2SL Oden MW. Decades of material innovation. Advanced quantum atomic layers. Thousands of CMOS transistors. All in one chip from Sweden.

Uncompromised image quality

Capture every detail. 640x512 resolution. Selectable frame-rate. Full MWIR spectrum and high quantum efficiency provides maximum sensitivity. High operability, defined by the percentage of working pixels, makes for easy system integration. Rich and sharp image requires minimal use of enhancement.

Operating temperature
150 K
Frame rate
60 Hz
Temporal NETD
20 mK
Spatial NETD
5 mK

Security & surveillance

Oden MW

T2SL Oden MW can help you in: UAV gimbals, compact multi sensor systems, handheld and battery powered systems, goggles, portable cameras and mobile and stationary platforms. Or virtually any application. 

The T2SL Oden MW can do it all.

In the palm of your hand

Weighs just 230 g and equipped with a compact rotary cryocooler for low noise and power consumption. Your choice of an F/4 or an F/5.5 aperture, for small footprint, low-cost optics.

Oden MW

Quantum revolution

We built the T2SL Oden MW around our latest quantum mechanical structure, a revolutionary material used in the focal plane array (FPA). It absorbs incoming photons of the full MWIR spectrum at an extreme rate, but functions at higher temperatures than legacy technologies. Pinnacle performance at minimal power consumption.


Spectral range
3.7 – 5.1 μm

Pitch 15 μm


Steady state
Power 3.5 W


50x50x96 mm

Weight 230 g

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The Oden MW is a HOT T2SL-based general purpose SWaP detector that operates at up to 150K. This higher focal-plane temperature allows for power consumption that is more than halved compared to regular detectors and an equally significant reduction in weight and volume in assembly.


Space constrained systems (UAV gimbals, compact multisensor systems)

Handheld and battery powered systems (goggles, portable cameras)

Mobile and stationary platforms

General information


General purpose





Pixel pitch:

15 μm

Typical detector performance

Spectral range:

3.7-5.1 μm

F number options:

F4, F/5.5


20 mK

Pixel operability:

> 99.5 %

Frame rate:

60/120 Hz

Depending on proxy version

Proximity electronics

Supply voltage:

5 V

Maximum frame rate:

Selectable frame rate supported

Electrical interfaces:

Camera Link

Cooler control and proximity electronics included

IDDCA Parameters

Cooler options:


SX020, K580 and K588 available

Power consumption:

3.5 W / < 10 W

Steady state / Cooldown

Cool down time:

3 min

Cooler voltage:

12 V

Weight and dimensions:

230 g

50x50x96 mm

Cooler MTTF:

> 10 000 h

Environmental conditions:



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Oden MW


Building something new? Our evaluation kits have everything you need to try our detectors and design your camera system. They’re modular and include a power supply, frame-grabbing electronics, image acquisition software and optics.

Plug in and get going in minutes!

Technical characteristics described above are not contractual and may change without prior notice. This is revision 1.0.

Oden MW

Let us show you

The T2SL Oden MW is the ultimate detector and can be the heart of any system you’re building or upgrading. Contact us for more information.

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