Outclassing existing infrared technologies

Our T2SL (Type 2 superlattice) detectors can run hotter, reducing size, weight and power consumption. Easier system design means faster time to market, and a more affordable cost of ownership and maintenance.

Our products

Tuned to your needs

Our detectors have extraordinary sensing capabilities, extending the advantage of thermal and polarized infrared imagery to customers. We can manufacture, hybridize and integrate virtually any kind of detector to suit your purpose.

Images are a visualisation of our technologies, not an actual representation of our sensors.


As the sole manufacturer of revolutionary T2SL detectors in Europe, we’re pioneering the future infrared technology and refining battle-field proven QWIP technology. From gas detection to defense and space, we’ll deliver first-class detector solutions for your needs.

General purpose

Camera manufacturers rely on our T2SL technology to serve sectors from  defense and security to a wide range of industries. Count on the stability and uniformity you’ll get from our III/V detector technology while our proven and stable QWIP detectors are ideal for fast and cost-efficient uses and integrations.

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Gas detection

See further with the gas detectors we make using powerful T2SL and QWIP technologies. Custom-made to detect spectral absorption, our optical gas imaging (OGI) line is the best and most reliable choice for handheld, battery powered devices as well as 24/7 monitoring solutions.

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Extended detection

Sometimes further isn’t far enough. When you need to extend your view of the world, pick our extended detection products. Based on IRnova’s innovations, these unique technologies are set to disrupt our industry with a smart and bold new vision of imaging.

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Our products

IRnova pioneers the use of T2SL and QWIP technology. Our cooled infrared detectors cover the full spectrum, and customizable options give you more choice than ever before. Our customer support team is standing by to help whenever you need them.

Oden MW

T2SL Oden MW

The Oden MW makes no compromise. Revolutionary HOT MWIR T2SL technology. High-temperature operation for unrivaled SWaP performance.

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Our infrared breakthrough technology. Runs faster and hotter than previous detector generations.
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Field-proven and fast to market, QWIPs make infrared imaging smoother and easier than before.
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Coming in 2024

T2SL Njord MW

T2SL Njord MW is a 1280x1024 format, 10 μm pixel pitch MWIR detector pioneering our exciting HD format roadmap.
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To be followed by...

T2SL Skade MW

T2SL Skade MW will complement HOT HD detectors portfolio with pixel pitch downed to 7.5 µm. Another world first, with many new features to be revealed.

Infrared passion?

Our home is Sweden's Silicon Valley, in Kista, just outside of Stockholm. From there, IRnova gazes on the rest of the world. We’re looking for exceptional people that can shape the future of infrared technology. People like you.

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